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60M Beth Cohen Ranny Haiby Lingli Deng 

Introduction to the LFN AI Taskforce and recent trends in Intelligent Networking

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Since LFN published the seminal Intelligent Networking, AI and Machine Learning While Paper in 2021, the telecom industry has seen tremendous growth in both interest and adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technologies.  While it is still early days, the industry is now well past the tire kicking, lab testing phases that was then the state of the art.  Intelligent networking is coming into its own as telecoms increasingly use it for operational support; whether that means deploying intelligence into their next generation networks, or for automation of network management tasks such as ticket correlation and predictive maintenance. 

The future of Intelligent Networking and AI is in the hands of the individuals and organizations who are willing and able to contribute to new and existing projects and initiatives. LFN and Open Source have a pivotal role to play in fostering and developing intelligent networking technologies through the continued support of key projects, ranging from building a common understanding of the underlying data models to developing infrastructure models and integration blueprints

Join the authors of the just published AI White Paper for a discussion of the progress that has been made and help shape the future of Intelligent Networking. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Intelligent networking is rapidly moving out of the lab and being deployed directly into production
  • Operational maintenance, and service assurance are still a priority, but there is increasing interest in using AI/ML to drive network optimization and efficiency
  • More research and development is needed to establish industry wide best practices and a shared understanding of intelligent networking to support interoperability.
  • There has been some work on developing common or shared data sources and standards, but it remains a challenge
  • LFN and the Open Source community are key contributors to furthering the development of intelligent networking now and in the future

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Notes From Session (as appropriate)

Participants: Beth Cohen Muddasar Ahmed Lingli Deng @Margaret 

  • The board mandate was to find actionable work items that the community can tackle
    • Thoth could be a good example, but it is challenge 
  • Challenges like data sets availability still exist
  • Some LFN projects are starting to apply AI (ONAP Intent based, Nephio LLM)
  • Action item - Use the TAC to reach out to each of the communities and ask for sharing of their AI work

Action Items (as appropriate)