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  • Kenny Paul reach out to mailing list for a speaker on Evaluating existing Networking AI assets coming from member company contributions - how to approach
Kenny Paul2023-10-18 LFN AI Taskforce Minutes
Kenny Paul2023-10-18 LFN AI Taskforce Minutes


  • Thoth project overview - Sridhar Rao  
    • Project was created to address the AI challenges of NFV
    • Q: Muddasar Ahmed - What type of data is required by Thoth? A: The project defined the data it requires, mostly infrastructure metrics (CPU, Interface throughput)
    • Muddasar Ahmed - The NSF is funding several research programs in the US
    • Currently there are 3 academic contributors, in addition to Sridhar Rao who are active on this project
  • Telco Data anonymization using AI initiative - Sridhar Rao 
    • Several popular techniques were considered
    • Q: Muddasar Ahmed - How do you anonymize data while still preserving the relations between different layers of data? A: This is still under investigation. The team has not yet tried different approaches to linkage preservation. Muddasar Ahmed suggested some possible approaches
    • Q: Olaf Renner is there runnable code avaialble
  • Thoth & Anonymization Slides
  • We will continue the discussion on Thoth and the anonymization during the next Taskforce meeting, which will be hybrid virtual and in-person in Budapest
  • Meeting time - this recurring meeting time conflicts with an LFAI TAC meeting. We should run a poll to find a new time