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Overview slides

Key Deliverables and Governing Board Requests

  • How to create and maintain public Networking data sets for research
    and development of AI applications? (Ranked #1 in GB member survey)

  • What are some feasible goals (short term) in creation of AI powered
    Network Operations technologies

  • Evaluate existing Networking AI assets coming from member company

  • Analyze generic base AI models and recommend creation of Network
    specific base models (Ranked high in GB member survey)

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  1. Muddasar Ahmed AI is supposed to automate functions based on data collected and action taken or decision support provided.   I think we should consider lifecycle  approach and identify Day0 (planning and instantiation) , Day1 ( initial network and service configuration), and Day2 (optimization of the network based on current and predictive scenarios) activities.   

    BSS , OSS improvements outside the network optimization may also have its own areas that can be considered.  for MNOs/ and Network Service providers there are many areas that can benefit AI supporting decisions.  Customer Care has its own needs and  variety of pipelines.  We should have brain storming session to identify major swim lanes and decide what kind of challenges we want to attempt to deep dive.