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60m Alexandre Mattioli 

Tungsten Fabric SDN for CloudStack Core and Edge Zones 

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Apache CloudStack is an open-source, robust cloud computing platform that orchestrates large networks of virtual machines. Recently, it has been integrated with Tungsten Fabric, thus greatly enhancing CloudStack by providing superior network management, enabling complex network virtualization, and comprehensive network security services, increasing control, flexibility, and efficiency in managing network resources. In this session we'll explore this integration demonstrating how to create Tugsten Fabric enabled CloudStack Core and Edge Zones, overlay networks and  network policies.

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  • Cloudstack - Tungten Fabric Integration
  • Deploying virtual infrastructure with Apache CloudStack
  • Creating overlay networks in CloudStack
  • Orchestrating Tungsten Fabric Policies and Rules through CloudStack


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  1. Hi, could you please upload the meeting ppt or screen recording? Alexandre Mattioli