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45 minutes, Matvey Kraposhin 

Next topics will be covered in the presentation:

  • an implementation of IPv6 version of TF Metadata service (30 mins);
  • some consideration about improvement of VxLAN capabilities (15 mins).

Topic Overview

The support for IPv6 protocol is a must for modern virtual routing appliances. And TF is not an exception. While it supports this protocol in general, some of it's services and modules still might require some tunning and extension to work with IPv6 addresses. In the first part of the talk, the implementation of Metadata service for IPv6 networks is presented. First version of a blueprint, possible ways of usage, the implementation issues and limitations will be discussed. The source code is pending for upload into the master branch of TF repositories.

The second part of the talk is dedicated to the implementation of the VxLAN in TF (15 min). Its capabilities and shortages will be discussed.

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