About Plenary Sessions

A Plenary session implies that all attendees are expected to attend due to either their relevance or importance to LFN as a whole.  This usually means that no other sessions will be running in parallel. Topics may be reclassified as "General Interest" by the Program Committee to run as a parallel session if deemed appropriate.

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  • Collaboration seems to be the area the needs the most attention and where the industry seems to expect from us

Collaboration Within LFN

  • Are we aligned with the industry's wants/needs?  solving for industry verticals 
  • is 5GSBP the correct path for input
  • ISSUE difficulty knowing who is actually consuming our SW.
  • Need for end user stories.
  • IDEA: making use of a 3rd party app that provides download redirection to identify actual consumers
  • develop a way to do usecase cross testing / hosting 
    • can we better leverage Suggestions about a shared use case space to demonstrate collaboration

Collaboration beyone LFN

  • we should come up with a clear value proposition in a WIIFM when we approach other communities.  What problem can we solve for them.

Action Items

  • Ranny Haiby look up the name of the company doing the download tracking