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30 mins, Sandeep Sharma , Alexis de Talhouët 

A discussion of work being done to bring Nephio to the O2 IMS

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As Nephio matures, the community is exploring its applicability to new use cases for network transformation. A new initiative under development for the upcoming O-RAN SC plugfest, explores how O2 IMS can expose a cloud-native declarative interface and integrate with FOCOM in the Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) for managing the O-Cloud. This has applicability for the IMS transport plane in core IP networks (wireless or wireline). In this presentation, we are going to present Ideas on how a declarative O2 IMS interface can be implemented and driven with Nephio Design Principles. Followed by thoughts on Integrating the FOCOM in SMO layer with the IMS implemented as Nephio.

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