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45min Syed Atif Husain Shekhar Chauhan Girish Kumar 

Enhance Nephio via a new NBI Adapter to expose capabilities to manage Network Service Topology and Network Service Lifecycle Operations

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Nephio target scope is to orchestrate Cluster Infra and Network Function deployment along with Network Service Topology provisioning which essentially covers the whole MANO Control plane as per the ETSI NFV architecture. In this session, we aim to deep-dive into APIs that should be exposed towards OSS ecosystem by Nephio for leveraging its capabilities towards effective Network Automation. The session will also cover short assessment around fitment of ETSI SOL005 APIs & TMForum 664 APIs for this purpose. Finally, we propose to implement a Northbound Integration (NBI) Adapter component in Nephio leveraging Industry Standard TMForum Open API TMF664 (Resource Function Activation and Configuration) that will translate the Resource Function model from OpenAPI payload to Nephio NFTopology CRs to manage Lifecycle Operations.

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Live Session Recording: Nephio-NBI-Adapter-LFN-DTF-Session-07Jun2023.mp4


Sample CreateResourceFunction API Payload: SampleCreateAPIPayload.json


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