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60m, Ranny Haiby Timo Perala 

Adding Nephio to the 5G Super Blueprint to enhance CNF orchestration capabilities

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The 5G Super Blueprint is an initiative to prototype and integrate open source software to address real-world use cases. It gives projects an opportunity to demonstrate their value to end users and gives end users an idea of how they could leverage the open source projects.

During the February 2023 we had an initial brainstorming session to figure out how Nephio might fit into the existing blueprint work. Since then there has been some progress on the blueprint, and it is time to go to the next level of details on leveraging Nephio's as well las ONAP capabilities to enrich the blueprint.

The purpose of this session is to identify roles and responsibilities between ONAP and Nephio, start breaking down the integration into steps, and identifying who will execute each step.

Slides & Recording

Slides: LFN D&TF - Adding Nephio, ONAP to the 5G-SBP.pptx

Recording: 2023-06 - 06 Nephio Adding Nephio and ONAP to the 5G Super Blueprint.mp4


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