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Overview of StrongSwan-VPP plugin use case & working session discussing automated StrongSwan-VPP use case testing.

Topic Overview

Working session to investigate solution to overcome license compatibility issues as well as capture the detailed requirements to build StrongSwan with the VPP plugin, then run integration test cases with both VPP and StrongSwan.

Slides & Recording


  • Nanoteq StrongSwan VPP Plugin Presentation:
  • Intel StrongSwan VPP Plugin Presentation:


  • Welcome & Introduction - Dave Wallace
  • Session Goals
    • Explore StongSwan VPP Plugin solutions
    • Initiate conversation on creating a VPP + StrongSwan CI Automated Testing Community
  • Nanoteq StrongSwan VPP plugin Presentation - Kobie Fick
  • Intel StrongSwan VPP plugin Presentation - Kai Ji, Gabriel Oginski
  • Discussion


@Kobie Fick presented the Nanoteq StrangSwan presentation.

@Kai Ji presented the Intel VPP StrongSwan presentation 

Gabriel Oginski did a live demo

Dave Wallace and Kobie discussed the upstreaming of future code.  Noted that there is no current need to merge the code.

Action Items

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  1. Hi, Dave Wallace Kernal-VPP plugin and VPP-SSwan plugin are the same thing, right?