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#m - Gergely Csatari Sandra Jackson 

The Anuket project is running a Task force to define the value of Anuket in the future. We are in the process to refocus the project based on the Task Force discussions. In this session we will re-iterate on the previous discussions to share what was discussed before and if time permits will move forward with figuring out the future target of the project.

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DTF2023- Value of Anuket.pptx

  • Live Interactive Session
2023-06 - Anuket Value of Anuket.mp4


  • Review and discuss the results of the brainstorming 15 min
  • Get volunteers for the low hanging fruits 15 min
  • The problem of dissapearing officials 10 min
  • Discuss how to move forward if we do not have an RM 10 min
  • We are inviting everyone to the Task Force Meetings


  • Anuket has several pillars
    • Specification. RM, RA-s RI-s, RC-s
    • Implementation and testing: kuberef, functest, deployment projects
      • We lack resources here
  • Anuket taskforce
    • Re-evaluate the strategy of Anuket
    • We had 3 meetings so far, but we are progressing. Anyone is welcome to join.
  • Brainstorm excercise were done in this session presents the results of the brainstorm
  • Low hanging fruits identified
    • Cross community collaboration
    • Outreach for the vendors to get support for the implementation
      • We need also the service providers to participate
    • Identify projects to assist with
      • Sylva and Nephio are two clear candidates
    • Outreach to cloud vendors to contribute by aligning with the specs
  • Possible next actions
    • Anuket should survey the market and look for potential customers
    • Sylva is the potential best bet for Anuket and maybe we should investigate a more close collaboration between these or even a merge
  • Participation
    • Almost all of the LFN staff
    • 3 persons from the Anuket TSC
  • How to run without an RM
    • Ask other projects how they get volunteers for an RM and/or how do they run without an RM
    • Put the project to maintenance mode
    • Ask Sylva is they are open for sharing the load

Action Items