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0m, Withdrawn. Do not schedule. Oleg Berzin Amar Kapadia Ranny Haiby LJ Illuzzi 

A blueprint for a new type of use case is being launched under the 5G-SBP. We will explain what it is all about and how it can benefit participating parties. There will be an open discussion on implementation ideas and call for participation.

Topic Overview

Enterprises today have a large set of connectivity technologies at their disposal. problem: each of these networks is an island. interconnecting them is a significant challenge and impediment to digital transformation. An Enterprise Multi Cloud "Network-as-a-Service" (NaaS) can address this challenge. This solution can connect on-premises, hybrid-cloud, and/or on multi-cloud networks that supports Enterprise workloads and shift between multi-cloud, edge, and data center environments
Enterprise Multi Cloud NaaS is a solution blueprint built in the open source community with cloud native architecture and components.

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  • Introduction - What is the problem and what is the proposed solution? Ranny Haiby -10m
  • Implementation thoughts - Equinix - Oleg Berzin - 10m
  • Implementation thoughts - Aarna - Amar Kapadia - 10m
  • Open discussion and additional implementation thoughts - All participants - 20m
  • Agreeing on next steps - LJ Illuzzi - 10m


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