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Attendees & Representation:



Intel (MAC Chair)
Turnium (Vice Chair)
Intel (Anuket Rep)

Neal Hartsell

Netgate (ODL Rep)
Samsung (ONAP Rep)
Stefan KindtNokia
Geoff HultinTurnium
Jon Mischel
Mehran HadipourRobin
Seshu KumarHuawei

LF Staff: Brandon Wick, Jill Lovato, Heather Kirksey, Kenny Paul

Meeting Materials:

Slide Presentation

Zoom Recording 


  • 2021 LFN Year In Review
  • LFX Dashboard
  • Q1 Action Plan
  • 2022 Events Plan

House Keeping

  • Start the Recording
  • We will start by mentioning the project's Antitrust Policy, which you can find linked from the LF and project websites. The policy is important where multiple companies, including potential industry competitors, are participating in meetings. Please review and if you have any questions, please contact your company legal counsel. Members of the LF may contact Andrew Updegrove at the firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the LF.
  • Agenda Bashing


2021 LFN Year In Review

The 2021 LFN Year in Review Report was published on January 9th. This is our most popular and downloaded asset for the year and has 331 downloads to date. If you haven't already, please read it and share it in your networks using this link: It was noted that the this year's report was well done. 

LFX Dashboard

The LFX Dashboard is increasingly becoming a critical tool for the Linux Foundation community. Learn more about it here: The key to using LFX and other Linux Foundation platforms is the LF ID. Most of you have this already, but those that don't, this is your reminder to please set up your LFID today. Get your LF ID Here: Security is major focus for the Linux Foundation and all LF Projects. You can learn more about project security on the LFX dashboard here: All LFN projects are encouraged to build and improve their security profiles in LFX. A point was made to use the dashboard where appropriate to supplement the recently created LFN Security messaging. Questions about each project's security steps should be forwarded to the project Technical Community Managers. LFN is now working on a Security Spotlight paper to be published during Mobile World Congress. Please ping with questions. A point was made to encourage projects to get a CII Best Practices Badge: This program is now being rolled into the OpenSSF Initiative. 

Q1 Action Plan

These are the major areas fo MAC focus in Q1

  • Proof Points Collection: We need to "prime the pump" for content generation in 2022 with "proof points" from our project communities. 3 recent examples are Case Studies from Orange, DT, and Verizon, but proof points can take many formats. Please work within your project communities and companies to surface project innovations and deployments with us! LFN MAC Goals are directly dependent on the number/type of LFN Project Proof points generated
  • Website Refresh: We are in the process of applying the new messaging, SEO practices, and LFN project priorities to a new LFN Website and are planning to launch it on March 30th at the end of Q1. Please share any questions or ideas with Brandon. 
  • Badging Rollout: We're now rolling out badging programs at the LFN and project levels. We encourage all badge recipients to share them on LinkedIn. Note: A Credly account is required which is simple and quick to set up. 
  • Campaigns Preview: We will be rolling out a series of paid promotions as a pilot in Q1 with a focus on the Open Networking and Edge Executive Forum (April 12-14) and then focus on our website launch at the start of Q2. Suggestions were made to start small with the budget spend and then reallocate based on what's working and to avoid Reddit for paid advertising for this goal.

2022 Events Review

  • LFN Events
    • 392 Registrations, 525 Attendees! 
    • “Where executive leadership across the networking & edge ecosystems share their visions with a global audience in the Telco, Cloud and Enterprise Verticals.”
    • Splash page now live, full website registration coming soon.
    • No CFP. Those interested in speaking should contact Heather.
    • Please register early and help spread the word!
    • January 10-13: LFN Developer & Testing Forum COMPLETE
    • Spring TBD: LFN Developer & Testing Forum (cross-project only)
    • April 12-14: Open Networking & Edge Executive Forum
    • June 13-16, LFN Developer & Testing Forum, Porto, Portugal
  • Other Industry Events
    • Feb 28 - Mar 3: Mobile World Congress
    • LFN will not have an official presence but has news
      • New LF Project Announce + LFN Security Spotlight
    • Any LFN community marketers in attendance? 
    • Turnium to attend, be represented in several partner booths
      • Updating 5G Super Blueprint Slides/1-pager (Brandon/Jill)
      • Please send any questions/ideas to Brandon & Jill

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