Information on the TAC Vice-Chair Role

TAC Chair

The TAC will elect from amongst the voting TAC members a chairperson for a term of one year. The TAC shall hold elections to select a TAC Chair annually; there are no limits on the number of terms a TAC Chair may serve. 


The primary responsibility of the TAC Chair is to lead the TAC in fulfilling its responsibilities as outlined in section 7 of the LF Networking Fund Charter and to be responsible for:

  • Leading TAC meetings;
  • Representing the TAC and the technical community within and outside of LFN by:
    • Should the TAC chair be unable or unwilling to serve as the TAC representative to the Governing Board the vice-chair will serve as the TAC representative to the Governing Board
    • Serving as the TAC representative to the Governing Board
    • Participating in other communications as necessary within and outside LFN

These responsibilities may be delegated to another member of the technical community.


The TAC will elect from amongst voting TAC members a Vice-Chair.  The TAC shall hold elections to select a Vice-Chair annually; there are no limits on the number of terms a Vice-Chair may serve. 


The Vice-Chair will support the TAC Chair.

The Vice-Chair will represent the TAC when the TAC Chair is not available unless another delegation has been made explicitly. 

Election Mechanics

How to nominate yourself

The election process occurs in two phases; the Nomination phase, and the Election phase.

Self Nomination Phase

Individuals interested in running for this position must update this wiki page with their biography and statement of intent on why you would be a good person to hold this position.

The nomination phase begin    and will conclude on  17:00 PDT.  A two week period from the time of the announcement.

Election Phase

If there are multiple nominees: A Condorcet election will be initiated by the LF using the OpaVote voting system.  All TSC members will receive an invitation to vote. In the case of multiple candidates the timing is as follows:

  • The election phase will begin on with the distribution of the OpaVote poll via email
  • The election phase will end four (4) full business days later in the same time zone the poll was initiated from (typically PDT).

Information on Candidates

Name: Catherine Lefevre

Company: AT&T

Short Biography:

Catherine Lefèvre is an AVP in AT&T’s Technology Services organization.

She is in charge of 140+ unique applications, to support key AT&T business initiatives (5G RAN/Access Automation, 5G Core/Network Cloud, Accelerated C-Band Deployment, SD-WAN, Fiber, ROADM, FirstNet, NetBond, Win@Home). She is building an operating model that engages with industry and aligns with partners to drive innovation and streamlined processes, incorporating security, resiliency, agility and speed. She is driving AT&T Network Common Platform & Services Cloud Native Target State Architecture and ONAP/O-RAN (vRAN) strategic alignment. She is fostering an inclusive culture that challenges the status quo, embraces diverse ideas and perspectives, empowering and celebrating our ability to try, grow and succeed.

Catherine is also part of AT&T’s EMEA Women’s Network, mentoring young women about careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

Catherine received a master’s degree in computer science and a qualified teaching degree in computer science in 1996 from the University of Namur (FUNDP). She joined AT&T in 2013. During her time with AT&T, she focused on software development best practices and early prototypes and proof of concepts of AT&T’s SDN technology, accelerating AT&T’s ability to move from concept to scaled production development, integrating the DevOps Culture for increased collaboration between the development and operations teams. In 2017, she co-led with AT&T Labs the open sourcing of the ECOMP Platform, released under the Linux Foundation as ONAP. She received several awards for her technical depth that provided a unique and significant contribution to AT&T (AT&T Science and Technology Medal; Technology Development President Award in 2016 and 2017).

The ONAP Community also recognized Catherine for her pivotal role in the successful merger of multiple code bases and timely delivery of the first ONAP releases (Top Achievement Award in 2017/2019 and Citizen Award in 2018). She was elected Chair of the ONAP TSC since September 25th, 2018. She is leading ONAP/O-RAN SC SMO strategic alignment, "ONAP for Enterprise Business/Vertical Market" Task Force.

Statement of Intent


I would like to self-nominate for the LFN TAC Vice-Chair position.

I am both committed and prepared to serve as Vice-Chair, supporting the re-elected Chair, Jason Hunt and the LFN TAC, promoting LFN cross-projects collaboration, identifying common best practices and technologies, brainstorming on any LFN project concern until their resolution and more.

It would be my honor and privilege to serve all of you as the new TAC Vice Chair.

Many thanks & regards



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