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Name (Original Name)

Michael Pedersen

Pankaj Goyal

Victor Morales

Tom Kivlin (Anuket Bridge 3)

Selcuk Duman(VF)

Toshi Wakayama

Agenda and Minutes:

Ideas for kuberef short-term plan:

  • Integrate BMRA (v2.0) in the Kuberef framework
    • Expected done end of 2020
  • Configure CI to run most recent RC2 test suite
    • Decide what should be run when
    • Estimate TBD
  • Start enabling and testing additional cluster/k8s features
    • Enabling started as part of BMRA integration
    • Expected done in Jan 2021
  • Add example CNFs/PODs/Workloads
    • Is this something we want to include in Kuberef or keep separate? 
    • Might be (partially) covered by deployments/installs done through RC2
    • Simple examples could be used to verify K8s features (maybe even through CI)
    • Estimate TBD

Meeting Recording:

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