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Agenda and Minutes

  • No open PR
  • Cedric Ollivier : to bootstrap an RC2/OVP overview
  • Michael Pedersen: Add K8s feature/plugin tests to RC2/Functest
    • I've had a few internal talks about adding tests for K8s features and plugins included in Kuberef to RC2/Functest
    • Currently we have some quite basic scripts (bash, python) that can be used to test and verify the behavior of the plugins
    • Once ready, it would be beneficial to have this added to RC2/Functest to help validate requirements from RA2
    • I will follow-up with Cedric Ollivieronce I have more details
  • Rihab Banday Tested sig_storage and sig_network on Kuberef
    • Tests look good so far
    • Cedric Ollivier will look into the failing testcases and check if we need those
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