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Agenda and Minutes

  • Chapter 3 Restructuring
    • Bill to provide a PR to update this before next meeting
  • Increase platform test coverage

    • good topic for virtual F2F
    • We also need to decide what we will be testing, how do we make ourselves different?
    • we should sort through the RA2 requirements to figure out what differentiates RC2
    • look at the spreadsheet from Taylor to see what test cases we have
    • we have functest test cases, but it was not designed for RA2
  • Chapter 4 initial framework
  • RC2 Lead
  • Meeting the next two weeks
    • keep meeting next week, cancel following week
  • Should there be an RC2 session at the virtual F2F? - Bill Mulliganwill check
  • How can RI and RC work together?
    • might be too many different topics if we merge the calls
    • we should have an alignment call between the two workstreams

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