1. Amy Zwarico  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)2. Krzysztof Opasiak  loses to Amy Zwarico by 43–343. Gervais-Martial Ngueko  loses to Amy Zwarico by 43–32, loses to Krzysztof Opasiak by 42–39

The LFN More information on the LFN Governing Board Member Committers Representative can be found here.

Eligible candidates:

  • Candidates must be active committers to at least one LFN project. 
  • Candidates can self-nominate, or be nominated by other community members. In the latter case, candidates must accept the nomination before the election is conducted.
  • Candidates must be an active committer to an LFN project which differs from the LFN project that the currently servicing LGBMCR is an active committer of.
  • There is a single (1) LGBMCR seat on the Governing Board.
  • The 2020 LGBMCR was from the Anuket community.

All Self-Nominations will take place from  to  at 5pm PT.

Voting will take place via CVIS at the conclusion of the self-nomination period and will last 2 weeks.

Please copy and complete the template below to self-nominate for the LFN Governing Board Committer Representative. 


1. Amy Zwarico  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)

2. Krzysztof Opasiak  loses to Amy Zwarico by 43–34

3. Gervais-Martial Ngueko  loses to Amy Zwarico by 43–32, loses to Krzysztof Opasiak by 42–39

Name: Amy Zwarico

Representative Group: ONAP

Short Biography:

Amy Zwarico is a lead member of technical staff at AT&T specializing in software and open source security. She has PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania and has worked in the telco industry for 25 years, beginning with BellSouth and then with AT&T, where she developed web based integrations to BSS/OSS systems, architected mobility systems, and for the past 19 years focused on application security, cloud security, applied cryptography and policy.

She has been a member of ONAP since 2017 serving on the security subcommittee (SECCOM) as a contributor and as the vice chair. She has helped drive community acceptance of Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) badging, a prioritized approach to upgrading vulnerable packages within the ONAP code base, and inclusion of security testing in the integration pipeline. She consistently solicits feedback from the PTLs and ONAP developers to help SECCOM define realistic security goals for each release. She also is lead for the VNF security requirements.

She joined the O-RAN Alliance in 2020 and is a contributor to the Security Focus Group. She is focused on defining security controls for the O-RAN interfaces and helping the O-RAN Software Community adopt the secure development practices used by the ONAP community. She also contributed security requirements to CNTT.

Statement of Intent:

If elected, I will use my experience in ONAP and O-RAN to work with LFN leadership, advocate for the technical contributors, and find areas of collaboration between projects to drive the LFN mission of producing enterprise grade open source software for network infrastructure and services.

Name: Gervais-Martial Ngueko

Representative Group: ONAP

Short Biography:

I am a Principal Engineer at AT&T and have worked in the telecommunications industry for 20+ years as 3rd party vendor then carrier. My experience in Software development includes API Monetization, Big Data Analytics, Smart Metering, Broadband Access Network Software, Location Based Service, Fault detection on Electrical Network. The past 5 years, I focused on SDN/NFV and Cloud Computing.  I have also worked on bringing software into the network, building a scaled, reliable Network Automation platform, ensuring carrier grade requirements can be met.

Active member in ONAP since the beginning of the journey in 2017, I am the PTL of the CLAMP project since its inception and a committer of the Policy project.

I was also an active member of the ONAP Control Loop Sub-committee before its termination.

I also like to develop Android mobile applications and to coach young people (tennis, mathematics)

Statement of Intent:

Acting as the voice of the LFN Development communities at the Governing Board, I will gather feedback from the different LFN projects and will relay any challenge that require board’s attention and support.

My goal will also be to identify, to share and to promote common Development Best Practices, CI/CD tool chain and End to End Use Cases, trying to increase cross-collaborations and to brainstorm on any development concern until their resolution.

Name: Krzysztof Opasiak

Representative Group: ONAP

Short Biography:

Krzysztof works as a Principal Software Engineer at Samsung and is pursuing his PhD degree at Warsaw University of Technology. Open Source enthusiast and contributor to various open source projects including The Linux Kernel, Open Stack & ONAP. Member of ONAP Security Subcommittee (SECCOM) and a committer in ONAP OOM project. He actively participated in designing new ONAP release cadence in order to simplify life for all ONAP PTLs.

Statement of Intent:

Sharing best practices among communities, less time wasted for the paperwork, more time spent on creating real value.

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