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Anti-Trust Policies

Agenda / Minutes

  • Anuket updates

    • Special meeting for 7 previously-agreed CNTT seats in the Interim TSC

    • 6 seats selected in CNTT as operators = CMCC, Orange, STC, Telstra, Verizon, Vodafone (Note that operator AT&T was already selected via OPNFV process)
    • 1 seat remaining between active supplier participants (Huawei, Nokia)
    • During the meeting, we conducted a Zoom poll with 9 participants each voting once
    • Poll results:  Nokia (7), Huawei (2)
    • Final CNTT + OPNFV list is here:  Current TSC Members and Officers


Data pulled from Zoom.

OPNFV Projects3 @

Find the right meeting report, click on the # of participants. 

Click unique users, press export, and then copy name/email columns.

Then paste below.

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