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Thanks to all contributors for great efforts!

    • Agenda 
      • New time proposed for RM meetings: Wednesdays, 8:00pm UTC, 9:00pm CET, 12:00 pm California, 7:00 am (Thursday) Melbourne, - Agreed.
      • Edge team joining RM team; update on current Edge activities (Ahmed, Beth, Pankaj): CNTT Hybrid Multi-Cloud Architecture - Scenario | Please use CNTT RM PR #2118CNTT Edge Architecture -- Please see CNTT RM PR #2118
      • GSMA OITF update
      • Next release (Elbrus) M3 - 15 January 2021: Walk through open Elbrus Issues and PRs, discuss asisgnmnet, raise new Issues/PRs if required

        Network/Hardware Management

        Hardware Infrastructure Management: function and APIs

        Tomas, WalterHigh


        Issue 2050, Tomas and Walter to plan PRs

        Action: Walter to organise call with Tomas and Martin

        Primary & secondary networking

        Tomas, Suresh, GergelyMedium

        Probably RA-2 topic, discuss with Tom K. Gergely, Georg Kunz,  whether RM can help (prob general guidance and requirements)

        Requirements in RM: Walter to raise Issue for this topic and assign to Tomas; on hold until next meeting


        Security (workloads and infrastructure) - alignment with ONAP

        Karine, Amy, PankajHigh


        Issue 2031, 1552, Karine - PR 2081, requirements in progress - open for comments

        Life-cycle Management  (infrastructure)

        Walter, Karine, Pankaj, Per, UliMedium

        Upgradeability, migration

        Issue 2086; identify gaps in Chapter 9 - open fort comments

        Automation (closed loop automation)Walter, TomasMediumShould be in part in LCM (Chapter 9) - identify topics - open for comments; Issue  2087


        Sukhdev, ZlatkoMediumIssue 2052 vF2F session happened; Need to engage Zlatko and Sukhdev

        Hardware acceleration abstraction

        Petar, Tomas, Per, WalterHigh

        Issue 2051; open for comments 

        Petar to organise initial call

        Compute node acceleration (incl smartNICs, GPU, etc)


        Programmable fabric


        Network acceleration

        Karine, PetarHigh

        Needed a structure

        Further details needed (all classes of storage)

        Issue 2056: Need contributors and expertise it has a link to the June PTG notes

        Action: Beth to provide a structure (PTG etherpad can be used)

        Special use cases

        Load balancing

        Per, SukhdevMediumIssue 2095: Per to provide concept description for comments

        Mutual discovery (workloads/infrastructure)

        Sukhdev, Tomas
        MediumIssue 2088; Sukhdev to add the concept description for comments

        Service function chaining

        Suresh, SukhdevMediumIssue 2089; Suresh start putting contents for comments
        Model for Enterprise Cloud
        Walter, Pankaj, AhmedMedium

        Issue 2049: Multi/hybrid cloud  from Data Centre to Edge; review and update the contents in WiKi:

        CNTT Hybrid Multi-Cloud Architecture - Scenario | Please use CNTT RM PR #2118CNTT Edge Architecture -- Please see CNTT RM PR #2118

        Alignment with ONAPInvestigate topics other than securityPetarLowPetar to present to RM meeting
        Alignment with GSMA OPGInvestigate alignment pointsWalterLowDepends on outcomes of joint OITF and OPG meetings
        Alignment with ORAN?Influence ORAN regarding telco cloud

        Tomas raised this question as he participates in WG 6. Karine to find out how we could discuss possible  dependences, alignments, cloud principles....
        Alignment  with ODIM
        Bring to this meeting the actions, comments from previous sessions and vF2F 
        Granularity of RM profiles

        Issue 2068

        Action: Walter to invite Tom K to present the view

        REview of RM Chapter 2
        Issues 2067, 2067



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