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Agenda and Minutes

  • Release Planning
    • CNTT Elbrus Release Cycle
      • Volunteers for the issues 
        • Define what level CNF testing is for CNTT

          • testing the CNF that would interact with the infrastructure so we can then test the infrastructure to understand if they are ready for one another
          • CNCF checks the "cloud nativeness" of the CNF which may go beyond what RC2 needs to cover of just how it interacts with the infrastructure - need Taylor's review
          • want to check things that matter and want it to be a short list
          • not testing CNF functionality, primarily orchestration and limited execution of the CNF
        • Initial traceability for CNF requirements

        • Increase platform test coverage

  • CNCF must define requirements for a CNI multiplexer
    • CNCF has big tent where everyone is welcome then integrators need to make choices
    • if we don't have requirements we will never be able to certify
  • is CNF testbed interacting with TIP? Taylor Carpenter
  • Chapter 3 Restructuring
    • Please review before the next meeting
    • assigned RC2 team
  •  AOB:
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