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Topic Overview

Due to the current situation, the DOC team is facing problems to create proper release documentation (index page that points to the documentation for all release-relevant (sub)components). We want to describe the situation, the problems we are facing and we want to discuss and agree on a solution for this.

Slides & Recording


Slides presented and discussed.

Pamela Dragosh (PTL Policy): Branching of all components creates unwanted efforts especially for those projects which do not change. The branching described in the dev wiki was discussed in earlier ONAP releases but never fully implemented.

Christophe Closset (PTL SDC): A possible solution could be the introduction of a self-release process for the project documentation (like the one already available for docker container). This would be asynchronous to the check in of new code and auto generation of docs by Jenkins. For this, the use of a “release label” for documentation was suggested.

Action Items

  • Clarification / Discussion with RelMgr and LFN RelEng needed.
  • Proposals to be addressed in the PTL meeting and the TSC later on.