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Agenda and Minutes

  • Baraque Release Highlights for RC2 (Tom Kivlin to review with Bill Mulligan on his return):
    • Mandatory test case list for conformance (link)
    • RC2 playbook has been published, leverage CI principles between RC1 and RC2 allowing smoother integration (link)
    • Test case list already being leveraged within active RFPs in Orange
  • Issue Review:
    • pr/1880: third approval provided on the call, marked as minor for prompt code owner approval / merge by Scott
    • pr/1926: chapter restructure however have marked as minor as not much content change - one more approval required please
    • pr/1989: RC2 cookbook content, two more approvals required please
  • AOB:
    • Zoom link will be getting updated to include embedded password
    • Scott will be merging all PRs labelled as minor with 2 or more approvals at 3pm UTC tomorrow (Friday)
    • Proposed cancelling the call next week (17th Sept) due to release process/change freeze - Tom Kivlinto align with Bill Mulliganon his return

Meeting Recording

Topic: CNTT RC-2
Start Time : Sep 10, 2020 08:58

Meeting Recording:

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