Agenda and Minutes

  • Anti-Trust Policies
  • Walk-on Items
    • Meeting schedule (Scott Steinbrueck )
      • Updated Github Meetings page to reflect this current meeting as "Technical Steering Committee"
    • Status - FMO Scot Steele
      • Board Meeting - Slides in progress with 3 options
        • Cedric Ollivier About the wiki page, I would consider we do quickly answer the classical questions when merging projects before GB? How fair will CNTT be hosted with OPNFV? What are the side effects regarding the existing OPNFV committees and projects ?
        • Cedric Ollivier I think we should write in the slide deck that new TSC election will be organized to represent both communities. The existing OPNFV projects will remain unchanged regarding their scopes,roles,hardware resource allocations, etc.
        • Cedric Ollivier As far as I understand, OPNFV has already defined charters to create the projects and worksteams needed by CNTT.
        • TSC #action Al which is writing to write this clarifications in the slide deck
      • Need to consider relationship between GSMA and selected FMO option (Scot Steele expects no change)
    • Status - "2" Workstreams name proposals and options  (MMA / Beth Cohen / Scot Steele )
      • Revisit on  
      • Options "VM" and "MS" as a proposal to the GOV call on  
    • RA2 Kubernetes Usage in Telecommunications Survey Bill Mulligan
      • Please complete the short survey !  Share with companies similar to also complete the survey.
      • Open through  - will collect summaries then.
      • Open to all (Operator & Vendor)
      • How many survey collected so far ?  (5 Aug 2020 = 8)
      • Open to others, outside of CNTT !
    • Consideration for survey to address Github Issue #1842 ("[TSC] Create common CI/CD for workloads")
    • Readthedocs (Gergely Csatari )
    • ( MMA / Scot Steele )
      • Packet is already working with CNCF,
      • Packet is interested in collaborating with CNTT; Scot's proposal is to coordinate a mtg with WSL's and Packet to explore further
      • Consider bringing Packet to TSC Meeting  
    • WSL Participation in weekly Release meeting Scot Steele
      • Weekly Tue - 1400 UTC, Host David McBride
      • For greater collaboration, consider
      • Scot will send out the invite to WSL's
    • GSMA Task ForceWalter Kozlowski
      • OITF = Open Infrastructure Task Force
      • Created by GSMA, kicked off in the past few months
      • Purpose is to help maintain RM in the context of GSMA
      • Will be discussed at RM meeting on  
      • Provide another readout with more information at TSC meeting on  
  • Technical Steering Topics
    • Release Status
    • TSC outstanding issues
    • Updates from WSL's (critical Github or other issues / inform as needed)
      • No issues raised.
      • RM, Edge
      • 1-stream:  RA-1, RI-1, RC-1
      • 2-stream:  RA-2, RI-2, RC-2
    • Updates from Officers Items
      • Updates shown below.
      • Chief Technical Editor
      • ONAP Technical Coordinator
      • OPNFV Technical Coordinator
      • CNCF Technical Coordinator
      • CVC Technical Coordinator
      • Automation and Tooling
      • ONF: Open Networking Foundation
      • ETSI
      • LFN EUAG - Onboard CNTT Operator list in LFN EUAG and vice-versa; to be discussed at GOV on  
      • TIP
      • ODIM

Current Action Items:

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Gergely Csatari will continue readthedocs PR and remove the WIP label once ready.
Gergely Csatari2020-07-08- [CNTT - Technical Steering] - Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Sukhdev Kapur2020-05-06 - [CNTT - Technical Steering] - Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • Ulrich Kleber to arrange a meeting with ETSI NFV FEATURE 017 and align with terminology.
Ulrich Kleber2020-03-11 - [CNTT - Technical Steering] - Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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