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LF Staff: Casey CainKenny Paul Brandon Wick , Trevor BramwellJim Baker



  • Start the Recording
  • Show the Antitrust Policy
  • Roll Call
  • Action Items Review
  • Agenda Bashing
  • General Topics
    • Virtual Technical Event Planning for ONES, Technical Meetings, and 2021 Planning
    • LFN Scaleability
  • Any Other Topics


LFN Scaleability

  • Jason Hunt talked about the inbound project pipeline for LFN and how Linux Foundation Networking would scale to support those projects.
    • How do we grow the LFN to make it a multi-project umbrella and what does it mean to be a member of the umbrella?
    • How do we manage expectations of resources and funding? 
  • Brian Freeman Does the board recognize that if we add more projects, we have less funding for the other projects?
    • Do we have our membership fees go up by 5% if we add a new project?
    • Membership is not necessarily growing for new projects who join
    • Ranny Haiby suggested that there may be an expectation from LF leadership that the number of projects may grow but not necessarily the overall budget.
      • There may be a scenario where projects mature they would require less resources.
      • Brian Freeman How would that work?  I don't think that scales for all projects.
        • We should be making sure that the projects are not just shifting from one project to another and that there is a sufficient amount of development resources assigned to each project.  There has been a trend of as new projects come online we lose developers on another project.
    • Jason Hunt In general, we need to find a way to be more efficient, and clear about where and how we will apply resources. 
  • Kenny Paul As a point of reference in general the LFN provides a more high-touch availability of resources (both infrastructure and project management support) than other projects in the LF spectrum.   Also this is highly likely be a topic of discussion at the  Governing Board meeting.
  • Jim Baker shared a WIP document on the service level proposal for Project membership tiers
    • each tier provides additional level of services
    • one school of thought that projects should receive more staff support up front and have that tail off as the projects move up the tree versus getting more support.
  • Lifecycle doc will ultimately need to be updated to reflect not only Project maturity, but also service levels
  • Ranny Haiby believes that projects can step up and reduce the high-touch requirements of staff.
  • Jim Baker provided the example of LFAI which has more that a dozen highly active capital "P" Projects and only a single LF staff project manager serving all of them because the projects are far more self-staffed, versus LFN which has 5 project managers plus a release manager supporting 6 highly active Projects.

Jason noted that he and Ranny were on vacation next week and will not be able to attend the SPC call.  PMs will work with Davide Cherubinito coordinate the details of that meeting back to the TAC.

Virtual Technical Event Planning for ONES, Technical Meetings, and 2021 Planning

  • Casey Cain talked about the need to start planning for ONES, and the 2020 Technical Meetings.  We also need to take a look at what 2021 will look like.
    • It's likely that events will remain virtual for the first half of 2021.
    • Asks that if you have an interest in participating in coordinating and planning committee, please join the mailing list.
  • Brandon Wick talked briefly about ONES and the upcoming technical events.
  • ONES -   
    • Using a virtual events tool called INXPO for hosting the event (same as Open Source summit NA). All talks will be pre-recorded with live Q&A
    • Will not include an unconference track or ONIF networking event. We found that holding these types of forums are not optimal in a virtual event. 
    • Events team decided to make this event 3 days (vs. 2 days), shift to an EST time zone for the event to capture a broader audience, and shorten the day length to ease the burden of participation.  
  • Technical Events
    • We do not plan to hold the 2-day LFN Technical Meetings during the same week as ONES because it could be a bit draining to attend ONES and the Technical Meetings back to back all week.
    • After checking the holidays and industry events schedule, the LF events team and the LFN staff are recommending  &  
  • Jason Hunt asks that the PMs coordinate with their communities to participate in the event planning committees.

Action items