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  • Anti-Trust Policies:
  • Status on proposals 10 min
  • Time Line 20 Min
    • William Diego Maza Discussion on why the accelerated schedule to present to LFN board in august.
    • Heather Kirksey explained two primary reasons:
      • 1) Board is expecting progress
      • 2) Funding for 2021 is beginning and budgeting for CNTT work must be considered for the process.
    • William Diego Maza et. el Asked for clarification on Budget issues, such as Costs of options, etc.
      • Action Item: Scot Steele and Jim Baker to work up costing to the best of their ability to provide to work stream.
    • Scot Steele Re-iterated that the proposals for 19 Aug will only provide 3 top level slides
    • Orange is concerned that their participation is being constrained as they are on holiday
    • William Diego Maza Also asked why a vote as proposed would be needed. Scot Steele explained that the purpose of the vote is to gain understanding of the community preference prior to the LFN board meeting as data. William Diego Maza expressed the Orange feels that a vote is not needed as things are working well now and until we have a more clearly defined proposals. Beth Cohen and Trevor Cooper expressed support. Heather Kirksey expressed it isnt binding, that it could be data that could be used by the board who will make the final decision. 
    • Action Item: Scot Steele to publish infomation regarding the meetings for FMO and proposal development.

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