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  • Options proposals 15 min
  • Feed back from Jim Baker - We should do a review of each proposal with some of the LFN team
  • Discuss/Define timelines for proposal reviews 45Min
    • Objective: LFN GB must be able to determine funding model for 2021 in October.
      • To fulfill the objective, LFN GB requests Proposals for all options be presented on the August 19th Board meeting.
      • Orange has expressed concerns that timing requested excludes them and other EU participants due to their Holiday schedule.
    • Proposed Timeline to accommodate LFN GB request
      • Proposals will be developed to a minimum level of 3 Slides (see Template file included on notes)
      • Minimal Proposal reviews could be conducted as follows:
        • CNTT as a Formal LFN project - July 30
        • CNTT as an LFN Committee - Aug 7
        • CNTT Merges with OPNFV - Aug 14
      • Community could be polled on preferred option - Aug 14-18.
      • Presentation of Minimal proposals could be provided to LFN Administration for preparation for August 19 board meeting August 17
      • Proposals could be reviewed by CNTT Governance august 18
      • Presentation of proposals to LFN GB should be done on August 19
    • Please review the recording:

      Topic: CNTT FMO
      Date: Jul 24, 2020 06:57 Pacific Time (US and Canada)

      Meeting Recording:

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  1. Hi Scot Steele ,

    As said during this meeting (time 01h04min of recording), it have to be clear expresed that the "Minimal Proposal reviews" is an intermediate stage and reflect first steps on FMO option analysis. Thus, the proposed community poll don't have any sense at this stage. It also have to be clearly stated in the minutes and timeline that a complete analysis presentation of proposals to LFN GB is target in October 2020.