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Attendees & Representation (default sort: member first name)

TAC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below 
Non-TAC project reps do not count towards meeting quorum

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate in the table with @name for @name

ODL XFD.ioXTF (incubation)
OPNFVX@Eyal FelstaineAmdocs

@Anil Guntupalli



PRed Hat
ONAPXChina Mobile


ZTEXDeutsche TelekomXHuaweiX
EricssonXOPX (sandbox)
China Telecom

@David Sauvageau

Bell Canada
Türk Telekom

Tech Mahindra

LF Staff: Casey Cain Kenny Paul Jim Baker Brandon Wick Louis Illuzzi

Others: Qihui Zhao Zhiqiang Yu  Scot Steele Qiao Fu @Xuxia Zhong @Amit Tiwari Kalyankumar Asangi Gergely Csatari 


  • Start the Recording
  • Show the Antitrust Policy
  • Roll Call
  • Action Items Review
  • Agenda Bashing
  • General Topics
    • Encourage platform maturity, stability, modularity, and robustness - Discussion
    • Introduction to XGVela - Qihui Zhao
    • CNTT future mode of operations - Options discussion Scot Steele
  • Any Other Topics


Discussion - Enabling platform maturity, stability, modularity, and robustness 

  • A SPC KPI exists that asked that we measure the maturity of all the LFN projects
  • Catherine Lefevre Jason/Chaker has shared the project lifecycle with the TAC that includes maturity assessments - perhaps a year ago - review and revitalize 
    • Looking to build common criteria cross-projects and have the LFN TAC make the assessment during project reviews
  • Brian Freeman Should have non-ONAP folks review the SP3 approach from ONAP
  • Ed Warnicke  Security surface areas are totally different between ONAP and by virtue of where they reside in the stack - so we need project specific objectives for these factors
  • Ed Warnicke Believes that the Board should not be implementing KPIs for Projects, just the LFN because KPIs do no provide value to shipping a product.
  • Brian Freeman KPIs cannot be shared across projects, categories might be the same, but metrics may be different
    • Ask the projects what their metrics are for those categories AND determine which ones make sense for the project
  • Next steps: Launch email discussion LFN PMs

Introduction to XGVela

Discussion - CNTT future mode of operations 

  • Scot Steele Reviewed the status of CNTT and the shift away from a task-force to some more sustainable structure and decision making process
    • Option 1: CNTT become a LFN project
    • Option 2: CNTT as a committee of the LFN GB
    • Option 3: Merge CNTT into OPNFV
  • Ed Warnicke Needs of an SDO are different than an open source project - eg. IP handling, ratification of standard

Action items

  • Casey Cain Launch email to discuss the assessment of project maturity.  
  • Qihui Zhao upload the slides presented to these minutes