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TF (incubation)
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xRed Hat
ONAPxChina Mobile


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China Telecom

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Bell Canada
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Tech Mahindra

LF Staff:




Vice-Chair Election

  • Ranny Haiby won the election! Congratulations Ranny and thanks for stepping up.

Developer Recruitment  Initiative

  • From discussions at the virtual event
  • 3 segments
    • Casual developer
    • Building a pipeline in academia 
    • Encouraging more corporate contributions
  • Group formed to focus on this challenge
  • Key focus: Awareness, Recognition, Tooling
  • Badging through Acclaim:
    • Digital badges perhaps for committers and mentorship program participants
    • Mike Woster to explore this at the LF level
    • John Mertic has worked with LF training team to create a badge hierarchy
    • Brian Freeman College students/young developers may find this useful for substantiating their skills.
      • Univ Arizona has a professor lead program
    • Ranny Haiby  a repo check-in is a clear indicator of contribution and is publicly viewable - no need to over do badging
    • Jason Hunt Use LF Insights to trigger a contributor badge?
    • What is "significant contributor mean"?
    • Abhijit Kumbhare How can outside people interpret these badges?
    • ISM has a series of badges that lead to a architect level (eg. public speaking, code development...)
    • Catherine Lefevre Bottleneck is the committers in the process - perhaps a certificate on Linkedin that would be a differentiator in the recruiting process
    • Brian Freeman F2f meeting used to have awards for top contrib, etc. - seemed to have dropped off 
    • Abhijit Kumbhare What is the cost of these badges? No cost for the badges - staff costs are the real cost
    • Getting the right criteria uniformly across the projects 
    • Volunteers: Abhijit Kumbhare Jason Hunt Catherine Lefevre

LFN Cross-Community Integration, Demos, etc

  • Ranny Haiby How can we have more examples of real LFN cross-project collaboration?
  • Brandon Wick ONS events include demo ideas from the community - cross project proposals are ranked higher for inclusion
    • 10 demos in the pipeline for virtual demo formats of upcoming ONES
  • How can we institutionalize sharing across communities?
    • Without to much over head - K8s SIGs are an example - eg. Security is a common interest area
      • Catherine Lefevre Yes - security spans all software and potentially have best practices to share across projects
      • Al Morton  CNTT RA-1 (Baldy) requirements have 70 unique line items around security
  • Catherine Lefevre What about the release cadence topic across LFN? This is a tricky topic.
  • Morgan Richomme  Running and managing the testing process in ONAP are leveraging OPNFV framework - so perhaps this is another area for collaboration
    • Also includes the process of building the CI toolchains
    • Dependency management is another area that might be a fruitful area for sharing best practices 

Action items

  • Brandon Wick  to send a link on the outstanding demos to the TAC mailing list - in a few weeks
  • Ranny Haiby to create a wiki page under the TAC wiki to track the cross-project collaboration ideas and solicit ideas on TAC email
  • Jason Hunt to schedule working meetings over July and August for Developer Recruitment Initiative