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Special Notes:

  • Weekly RM meetings are intended to
    • Plan RM and Network related work
    • Identify owners for new Issues/PRs
    • Track open Issues/PRs
    • Address technical issues that cannot be resolved online (i.e. resolve stalls)



  • Walter Kozlowski to create an issue against RM to move the Gaps to the RM from RA-1, done, moving in process, done
  • Gergely Csatari to update CNTT Baraque#ReferenceModel, done
  • Walter Kozlowski to start reviewing and actioning issue #1667, feedback from GSMA - target next RM meeting 17th June, planned for this RM session
  •  Requirement numbers are duplicated and inconsistencies: Kelvin has a list of  inconsistencies, section numbers are wrong in some places, Walter Kozlowski to get the list from Kelvin
  • Cleanup of the RM issues backlog and "to do" issues from
  • Walter Kozlowski and  Ahmed El Sawaf to discuss offline and come back next RM meeting with the plan of cleaning up RM issues, done
  • Tom to send the GSMA guidelines to ease the conversion process from CNTT github to Word docuement in the GSMA format
  • Expected date for the cleaned-up version of RM is in about 1.5 months


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