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Attendees & Representation (default sort: member first name)

TAC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below 
Non-TAC project reps do not count towards meeting quorum

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate in the table with @name for @name

TF (incubation)x
OPNFVx@Eyal FelstaineAmdocs

@Anil Guntupalli



xRed Hat
ONAPxChina Mobile
Deutsche TelekomxHuaweix
EricssonxOPX (sandbox)xChina Telecom

@David Sauvageau

Bell Canada
Türk Telekom

Tech Mahindra

LF Staff: Kenny PaulCasey CainBrandon WickHeather Kirksey




Chair Election

  • Nomination period ends today


  • Submission deadline is today
  • Used Qiqochat last time but did not see a great deal of value - committee decided against pursuing it again
  • Will be trying out for scheduling for this event
  • Have used Sched a couple times in the past, but it is better suited for large "static schedule" events - carries too much administrative overhead for the dynamic way Developer events function

Brainstorming on helping Projects with new Developer Contributions

  • Cross-project security team has been discussed on a couple of occasions
  • Looking for feedback from the TAC on attracting new developers to Project "core" pieces
  • Maybe we could create a status page where projects can list their more critical pieces and if they need help with them.
    • Something like a "Job Board".
    • We could list the requirements and why it is important to the project
    • HK: We could look at doing something like this at the LFN level and promote it through blocks or other messaging.
  • Catherine Lefevre  We tried several approaches in ONAP.  However, because sometimes the non-functional needs are not sexy or they lack the relevant experience, it has been difficult to find the right people.
    • Use of interns
    • Implementing a "tax" for the Guilin release that any companies wanting to add new use case or new feature; they must also provide resources to address a couple of ONAP's non-functional or security requirements in addition to the feature development. 
  • Ranny Haiby we have been working with some unofficial mentoring to help with some non-functional community efforts.
  • Abhijit Kumbhare There are some components that require a lot of tribal knowledge that may not be suitable for Interns.
  • Al Morton OPNFV uses a student volunteer program that is an independent program.  We only promise a letter at the end of their project but we do get some help from students to help support the community.  It has been very successful so far.
    • Morgan Richomme suggested a prize of some kind like a T-shirt for Student Volunteers for completing X number of merge requests.
  • Jason Hunt Will add a plenary session to the VF2F to discuss. Requesting that Abhijit Kumbhare ,  Al MortonCatherine Lefevre ,  Morgan Richomme  & Ranny Haiby contribute a slide.
  • Abhijit Kumbhare digital certificates / badging can provide value.  
  • Catherine Lefevre "Memory book" model that students are required to do in Belgium - helps to build a CV
    • need to work with universities to build the model
  • Morgan Richomme may need to move from gerrit to github to attract new developers. Use of the tools that students will be most familiar with will ease ramp-up

Action items

  • Jason Hunt will create a Plenary session for the vDTF on attracting new developer contributions to projects