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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Performance will be discussed at the June meeting
  • RC1/RC2
    • Should we copy or should there be a common infrastructure?
    • There will be a meeting about this, let me know if you want to attend
  • Review of  [RC2 Ch01] Intial Content for Introduction

      Clarification requested on:

      Testing to confirm specific versions of APIs or software components is out of scope of conformance since this is an unambiguous part of a product specification.

      •  The goal for the RC2 conformance is verifying the actual behaviour and capabilities of a running platform.

        Versions are an indication that a behaviour or capability may be there, but it needs to be actually tested.

      • Suggestion for word change.  Split sentence.
        • Testing to confirm specific versions of APIs is out of scope

        • Testing specific software components is out of scope.

      • Alternative:
        • **Not in Scope**
          • Functional testing / validation of the application provided by the CNF is outside the scope of this work.
          • Testing to confirm specific versions of APIs
          • Testing specific software components
  • What does term Traceability mean within CNTT?
  • AOB
  • Beta testers wanted for CNF Conformance

Action Items:

  • Ask to change naming from 1 and 2 to OpenStack and K8s - Bill Mulligan
  • Define what traceability means - Rabi Abdel
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