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Attendees & Representation (default sort: member first name)

TAC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below 
Non-TAC project reps do not count towards meeting quorum

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate in the table with @name for @name

xTF (incubation)

@Eyal FelstaineAmdocs

@Anil Guntupalli



xRed Hat

China Mobile

xDeutsche Telekom

xOPX (sandbox)

China Telecom


@David Sauvageau

Bell Canada
xTürk Telekom

Tech Mahindra


LF Staff: Kenny PaulHeather KirkseyTrishan de LanerolleCasey CainBrandon Wick

Others: Ahmed El SawafCedric Ollivier



Tungsten Fabric Health review Prabhjot Singh Sethi

  • Tungsten Fabric Health Review - April 2020
  • Q: Why are you using moving to Jenkins from Zuul instead of some other cloud-based service?
    • We can look into could-based options.  The effort to migrate to Jenkins has been ongoing for over a year before the LF started looking at other services.
  • How do you avoid dominance by Juniper and adopt new projects?
    • We are working on a new release plan
    • We also have a method of any company to submit new projects or "Blueprints" as they are referred to in the TF community.
    • The community is also seeking a community release manager.  If there is anyone in the community that would like to take a leadership role and support TF with their development of a new release plan, please reach out to Prabhjot Singh Sethiand Casey Cain
  •  related to the whitepaper - ONAP/TF integration comments - forward looking perspective rather than "as-is".  
  • Discussion of TAC Admission 
    • much of the same criteria as a health review, but additional process and content is necessary for an Admission review
    • LFN Project Data Template needs to be completed

LFN Project Pipeline

  • Jason Hunt made TAC aware of a number of incoming projects are expected to be coming in for lifecycle review - cannot comment on who/what until they actually apply
  • Additional TAC meetings may be necessary
  • VM Brasseur  recommends that PLD language be tightened to avoid misunderstandings
  • LFN Project Lifecycle

Virtual Events

  • Heather Kirksey talked about the April Virtual Technical Meetings.
    • Overall received great feedback
  • Looking forward to the June Virtual Developer & Testing Forum.
    • There is a European holiday on June 1st.  Seeking guidance from the TAC if they believe we need to adjust the schedule.
    • We were avoiding Friday because APAC members will end up working until 2am Saturday morning.  There is also another Holiday.
    • If you are interested in participating in the Program Committee please sign up on the mailing list here
    • We have options for the following dates
      • June 1-4
      • June 2-4
      • June 22-25
    • There seems to be a general consensus that we should move to the June 22-25th dates.
    • Project Reps to reach out to the project TSCs for further feedback.
    • OpenStack PTG has shifted to the first week of June as well.  We may need to adjust for that.

Upcoming ONAP Health Review 

TAC Elections

  • Discussed at next meeting.

Action items