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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Walk-in Items
  • Review previous action items:
    • Georg Kunz - follow up with Governance mailing list with if web version can be made available - CLOSED
      • Jim has enabled web client on all meetings
  • Project review:
  • AOB
    • Branch/release process: if we are creating PRs for new/improved content, we will label as On Hold until after the Baldy release takes place (new "Baldy" branch will get created). Bug fixes/typos/etc. PRs can be created but use the label "Bug" to identify it can be merged pre-release.
    • Baraque release planning: CNTT Baraque#ReferenceImplementation2
    • Any support for air-gapped installations at this stage?  Not without pre-building, pre-provisioning, etc.

Action Items:

  • Everyone think about June vConf and potential sessions for RI2

Please find recording of the meeting below: 


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