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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Recording Policies.
  • Anti-Trust Policies:
  • Walk-in Items.
  • Baldy Release:
    • Code Freeze This Friday.
    • Proof Reading to start next week.
  • Technical Steering Topics
    • OPNFV 2.0:
      • Any requests to CNTT from OPNFV?
        • Requirement clarification by CNTT (RC01-Ch03) (highly important)
        • Request to CNTT TSC to attend OPNFV 2.0 discussion.
      • OPNFV Release vs CNTT Release.
        • CNTT will work very closely with OPNFV in order to make sure any CNTT release created has all the corresponding tools/test cases implemented in OPNFV by the time of that CNTT release.
        • CNTT will not be waiting for any OPNFV release.
    • Tungsten Fabric:
      • What do we do with open source based SDNs and RIs.
        • RA-1 is covering some the capabilities of SDN controller that are offered by Tungsten Fabric. (technology agnostic)
        • Short Term:
          • Sukhdev Kapur is needed for the discussion.
            • Tungsten Fabric to pass RC and provide feedback before being implemented in RI.
        • Mid-Long Term: based on passing RC and the outcome of NFG, decision will be made in RI wither to switch to Tungsten Fabric or not. 
          • a companions might needed to compare between different SDC controllers and decide which one to go with.
  • Field Trials support:
  • Review Current AI.
  • Updates from Officers Items:
    • Chief Technical Editor:
    • ONAP Technical Coordinator
    • OPNFV Technical Coordinator:
    • CNCF Technical Coordinator
    • CVC Technical Coordinator
    • Automation and Tooling:
    • ONF: Open Networking Foundation.
    • ETSI:

Current Action Items:

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Gergely Csatari will continue readthedocs PR and remove the WIP label once ready.
Gergely Csatari2020-07-08- [CNTT - Technical Steering] - Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Sukhdev Kapur2020-05-06 - [CNTT - Technical Steering] - Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • Ulrich Kleber to arrange a meeting with ETSI NFV FEATURE 017 and align with terminology.
Ulrich Kleber2020-03-11 - [CNTT - Technical Steering] - Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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