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Attendees & Representation

TSC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate in the table with @name for @name


@Anil Guntupalli

EricssonxBell Canada

@David Sauvageau

Tech Mahindra
AT&TXAmdocs@Eyal Felstaine
CiscoxLenovo@Igor Marty


China Telecom
China Mobile
Qualcomm@Lisa Lammens
Deutsche TelekomxVMware


Türk Telekom
Red Hat

LF Staff: Kenny Paul Casey Cain Jim Baker Heather Kirksey Brandon Wick

Others: Mike Lazar (OPX),  Lincoln Lavoie



White paper

Virtual Event Planning

  • April
    • Please treat registration for this event as if it was a F2F event, including cancelation
    • Heather Kirksey will be sending email out to the various email lists
    • TPMs and Program Committee are testing tools that integrate with our existing services to support the virtual meetings.
    • #agreed to cancel the TAC meeting the week of the virtual event.
  • June
    • Still looking for volunteers for the program committee for June.

Project Health Review

  • Project Health Reviews
  • ONAP moved to  Review Posted for Comment  , TAC Presentation (30m):  
  • Tungsten Fabric Project Health Review 
  • Key duty of the TAC to provide feedback and encouragement to projects to grow and continue to support Open Source best practices.

Charter Changes

  • OVP
    • Basic change: expand participation from OUTSIDE LFN membership in the committee work. Leadership positions and badges are still reserved for LFN members.
    • Will need ratification by LFN GB @ April mtg.
    • Align badge certification requirements with the Projects to set the requirements

Remote work & Conference platforms - Zoom

  • The LF is evaluating the concerns regarding Zoom as well as looking at possible alternatives to Zoom.  However, this is expected to take some time.
  • If you're Organization has specific security questions, please reach out to Casey Cainand he will coordinate with the head of security for The Linux Foundation.  We will use this feedback to help us evaluate other possible platforms.
  • The LF has needed to move away from a number of tools due to security concerns and we will need to find a balance that supports our communities, supports geographical concerns as well as protect their privacy.
  • The LF is taking the matter seriously and will provide future updates from our security experts.

Action items

  • Casey Cainto work with Lingli Dengto add more specific requests for support to help with the 3rd party cross-community collaboration  .
  • Jessica Wagantall (or other member of RelEng) to work with Casey Cain and TF Infra to with some challenges facing community migrations away from Gerrit  
  • Casey Cain to send out an email reminding everyone to participate in reviewing and providing feedback on Project Health Reviews.