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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Idle Pull Requests.
    • Link
  • Milestone Plans.
    • M3 Freeze on 4th April.
    • M4 needs to start immediately after.
  • Updates from Officers Items:
    • Chief Technical Editor:
    • ONAP Technical Coordinator
    • OPNFV Technical Coordinator:
    • CNCF Technical Coordinator
    • CVC Technical Coordinator
    • Automation and Tooling:
    • ONF: Open Networking Foundation.
    • ETSI:

Decisions Made & Minutes:

  • Scope:
    • More work on the Container/VM harmonisation before discussing more with ETSI NFV.
  • Release Plan:
    • Release date for baldy to be 15th May (Friday).
    • Release after to be Baraque (ONES EU) on Sep 25th.
    • impact on virtual confs:
      • State of Spec will be in flux for the deep dive.
      • Consensus is vConf is useful overall.
        • when: keep it as is.
        • how: we need to slightly rethink the schedule. (possibly keeping it only 3 days).
          • some sessions might one un-relevant after positing baldy.
    • RC-2 WS:
      • Call for individuals and companies to sign up.

Current Action Items:

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Gergely Csatari will continue readthedocs PR and remove the WIP label once ready.
Gergely Csatari2020-07-08- [CNTT - Technical Steering] - Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Sukhdev Kapur2020-05-06 - [CNTT - Technical Steering] - Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • Ulrich Kleber to arrange a meeting with ETSI NFV FEATURE 017 and align with terminology.
Ulrich Kleber2020-03-11 - [CNTT - Technical Steering] - Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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