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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Walk-in Items
  • Can we setup a reference platform somewhere soon?
    • For RI1 we setup a reference platform over 2 months and learned many things
    • Mark: The RI1 setup which uses Airship could setup a platform and skip setting up OpenStack
    • What do Kubespray and Kubeone do?
    • What's the delta between Airship and Kubespray?
    • Trevor - should we separate node vs infrastructure vs CNF?

    • Georg - ask: can an installer be configured to meet the requirements, ex has multus and DANM. a configurable installer to bring up the RI the way they want.

    • Georg - would like to leverage tools that already exist to let them get going

  • Can we create a RI2 feature table with tools to compare?
  • Reference RI2 Project Board:
  • Could these calls be recorded in the future?

    • Georg wouldn’t mind, but where would they be uploaded?
    • suggest a CNTT YouTube Channel, add playlists for each workstream. Each workstream could upload them and share.
    • turn on zoom recording, upload to YouTube
  • AOB

Is ability to for anyone to install a MVP requirement?

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