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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Anti-Trust Policies:
  • Walk-in Items
    • Note about US Daylight savings time starts March 8 – Spring ahead
    • Networking – should it be separate workstream or put in Edge?
  • Technical Steering Topics
  • Updates from Officers Items:
    • Chief Technical Editor:
    • ONAP Technical Coordinator
    • OPNFV Technical Coordinator: – Working on Field Trial document, to make sure the test suite works.  Validates that the test suite does what what it is supposed to do to help with what the Badging process will do.  Gov Field Trial / Gov Project Ch 9 /
    • CNCF Technical Coordinator
    • CVC Technical Coordinator: – OVP 2.0 meeting last week, talking about how these projects will coordinate, no decisions yet.
    • Automation and Tooling:
    • ONF: Open Networking Foundation.
      • AI: Walter Kozlowski to confirm if they would like to join or not. LA.  Want to exchange some information.
    • ETSI: Need an official liaison (Al Morton?)  Look at ETSI containerization project.  
      • ETSI ISG NFV GS IFA040 is currently under working group review (current status is stable draft, only error corrections no new content). Comments welcome. next step is publication in about 2 months.

Decisions Made & Minutes:

Discussion of the updates on the Edge Workstream.  The GSMA has added a working group on Edge as well.  Lots of edge efforts but little coordination and much overlap.  Will share the information with the operators about the GSMA meeting.  The Workstream, but with the caveats that should leverage other work in other groups as much as possible.  Also make sure that this effort complements the other workstreams as much as possible.  Needs to be incorporated into RA1 and RA2, rather than being a separate RA3, will be tricky.  Need to start adding materials on Edge into RM first then flow down to RA1 and RA2.  Next week, come back with a plan for the workstream, what is the deliverables  and the outcomes expected.  Information about the GSMA new Edge Working Group. GSMA Telco Edge Cloud. Push the vote off to next week.  Possibly just have a Working Group rather than a full Workstream.

Daylight Savings Time – Bring topic up at the Governance Committee and request all the meetings time shift 1 hour.  

Networking work needed – Should we make it a separate stream or fold it into edge?  Edge does have some overlap, but should not fold them together.  Networking does a focused WG on the networking elements, but not a separate workstream.  Walter will put together a scope and action plan for the networking work.  Mark S, Walter, Tomas are the team to work on it and bring it back to the TSC.

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