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Please add your name in here:

  1. Kelvin Edmison (Nokia)
  2. Mark Shostak
  3. Tomas Fredberg (Ericsson)
  4. Pankaj Goyal (AT&T)
  5. shasha guo (ChinaMobile)
  6. Gergely Csatari (Nokia)
  7. Trevor Cooper (Intel)
  8. Ian Gardner (Vodafone)
  9. Karine Sevilla (Orange)
  10. Petar Torre (Intel)
  11. Toshiyasu Wakayama (KDDI)

Special Notes:

  • Given the limited time available, we will focus on identifying issues/actions/next steps, but not solving them right now
  • Weekly RM meetings are intended to
    • Identify owners for new Issues
    • Track open Issues
    • Address technical issues that cannot be resolved online (i.e. resolve stalls)


  • Discuss RM Specific sessions we want to have in Los AngelesONES LA Topics Proposals - Technical
    • Proposals/ideas due by end of week:
      • RM Deep Dive
      • RM Networking (working session, white-boarding-style)
      • consider topics that are 'below' the line' for Baldy, but need kickstarting for the next release
      • Others

  • Generic Fabric Model (GFM)
    • [RM] Networking Strategy (Issue #960)
    • [RM] Long Term requirements for SDN, Fabric and Networking #1037
    • The following is proposed for Baldy MVP
      • Executive Summary
        • CNTT approach to the fabric // i.e. define for flexibility in ultimate implementation
      • Initial Objectives // i.e. what we want the GFM to achieve for CNTT (and why) Ex.:
        • The implementation of Networking inside the HW Layer should not be visible to the VNF/CNF and should preferably not even be visible to the IaaS/CaaS
        • Provide L3 tenant networks, GWs, SDS, etc.
        • CLEANLY decouple interface/reference points between CNTT constituencies
        • Provide compatibility at demarcation/reference points
          • any RA couples to RM
          • appropriate RI couples to RA
          • Operator can create or procure a compatible fabric, etc.
        • Provide a catalog of APIs, and their respective domains, capabilities and intent, to facilitate ease of integration w/ a wide selection of fabric implementations
        • Provide ability for any number of Operator-specific fabrics to power an RA/RI/VI
        • Enables RC's ability to realize their deliverables
        • Clearly documents responsibilities of each CNTT constituency
        • Your ideas here!
      • Provide enough mechanics for contributors to create coherent requirements
        • What are the buckets // Tech, RM, RAx, RIx, etc.
        • Examples of what goes in each bucket // Exec Summary & approach (Tech); generic/high-level requirements (RM), detailed requirements (RA), Sample imp to support RC (RI), etc.
        • Your ideas here!

  • Open questions
    • None

  • New Business


  • General
    •  Document decision (flowing from #1007) about choosing Flavours over scheduler_hints
      • based on discoverability, absence of traceability from scheduler_hints option, and based on openstack recommendation link
    • Note in RM that compute flavour is parked, but don't remove it from the Reference Model entirely as we are re-adding it soon.
    • Move the 3 categories above (but not the details) into issue #1037, with the intent that 1037 concludes on the direction that networking is going to take post-Baldy.


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