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Attendees & Representation

TSC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate in the table with @name for @name


@Anil Guntupalli

EricssonxBell Canada

@David Sauvageau

Tech Mahindra
AT&TxAmdocs@Eyal Felstaine
CiscoxLenovo@Igor Marty





China TelecomxChina Mobilex
Qualcomm@Lisa Lammens
Deutsche TelekomxVMware
OrangexNokiaxTürk Telekom
Red Hat

LF Staff: Casey Cain Jim Baker Kenny Paul Trishan de Lanerolle

Others: Ahmed El Sawaf


  • Start the Recording
  • Show the Antitrust Policy
  • Roll Call
  • Action Items Review
  • Agenda Bashing
  • General Topics
    • TAC White paper update Ranny Haiby
    • EUAG white paper overview Atul Purohit
    • Project review schedule and presentation template
    • TAC Committer Election
  • Any Other Topics


AI review

  • Infrastructure working group - please update your organizations participation
  • Committer representative election - starts  - look for nomination solicitation email
  • Project reps to recruit cross-community collaboration effort
  • ODL components for ONAP - still in the process

TAC White paper Update Ranny Haiby

  • Ranny walked through the current white paper status
  • Constrained to just LFN components?
    • The main focus is LFN - mention other projects where relevant - give priority to LFN components
    • External collaboration (eg. Acumos, CNCF, etc.) and include SDOs
      • Extend section 2 to mention these other Organizations
  • Section 5 highlights the synergy and needs additional development
  • Target completion - end of March for presentation at ONES in April
  • Question about this evolving into a POC- that would be great, but at the moment just describing the integrations - lack of available resources for a POC at this time
    • Ahmed El Sawaf can see the potential for a limited demo in the lab using the CNTT reference arch.

EUAG White Paper Overview Atul Purohit

  • EUAG doing a ONAP Consumption Model white paper as well - Seeking to coordinate the dates with EUAG and TAC for both white papers
  • Written by CSPs to share examples of how they deploy ONAP - solicited by survey
  • Will ask for TAC peer review of EUAG white paper in late March
  • ONAP TSC meeting attendance   sharing the ONAP consumption survey results and will refine into Rel G requirements

Project Review Schedule

  • Instructions, Template, and Tentative Schedule has been posted here:
  • Ed Warnicke objected to the proposed project review schedule. Preferred the projects set the date. Feels that the dates are being forced upon the community by the LF staff.
    • Casey Cain says that this is a tentative schedule for discussion - any project can say yes, no or change the date listed. Totally up to the community.
  • Catherine Lefevre  Asked to shift the ONAP review out a couple of weeks due to ONES
  • VM Brasseur  Please contact TF TSCdirectly with the reminder. Encourage alignment with TF TSC to make sure they are ready.
  • Al Morton suggested OPNFV date conflicts with Kubecon - please push out July/August

Action items

  • LFN PMs to continue to work with their communities to update the tentative schedule for the Project Health Reviews