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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Agenda Bashing
  • WS Updates (RM)
  • Technical Discussions for Decisions:
    • New WS (RI2, RC2, Network)
    • OpenStack version.
    • RM, RA-1, RA-2.
  • Beyond Snezka planning.(Baldy)
  • Officers
    - Release Technical Manager:
    - Chief Technical Editor: 
    - ONAP Technical Coordinator:   
    - OPNFV Technical Coordinator: 
    - CNCF Technical Coordinator:   
    - CVC Technical Coordinator:     
    - Automation and Tooling:      
  • Gaps and Concerns.
  • AOB

Decisions Made & Minutes:

Notes from ONAP-CNTT Session:

Hi guys,

Here are the few  quick notes that I have collected:

  • Agreement on the process on how we interact together (CNTT/ONAP/OPNF/OVP)
  • NFVI certification done
  • Alignment on versioning: we need to communicate on the openstack/k8s version across the 2 communities (Reference Architecture openstack version)
  • OVP
    • separate the VNF part from CNF part
    • We don’t have test cases in OPNFV
  • CNTT wishes Helm version 3, ONAP is compliant with version 2
  • ONAP to review CNTT RC2 (within 3-6 months)
  • It would be good to produce a nice diagram of the CNTT/ONAP touching points
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