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F2F @ LFN Developer & Testing Forum in Prague

Attendees & Representation

TSC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate in the table with @name for @name



@Anil Guntupalli

EricssonxBell Canada

@David Sauvageau

Tech Mahindra
Amdocs@Eyal Felstaine
Lenovo@Igor Marty


China Telecom
China MobileX
Qualcomm@Lisa Lammens
Deutsche TelekomXVMware
OrangeXNokiaXTürk Telekom
Red Hat

LF Staff: Kenny Paul  Casey Cain

Others: Chaker Al-Hakim,  Magnus Buhrgard  Jonne SoininenMorgan Richomme Alla Goldner Cecilia Corbi Benjamin Cheung George Zhao Junheng Wang,  Vimal Begwani Marco Platania  @Yayoi Kobayashi ,  Yan Yang 


  • Start the Recording
  • Show the Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing, Roll Call, Action Items 
  • General Topics
    •  Ad Hoc menu creation - observations from cross-community collaborations at the LFN Developer and Testing Forum
      • Observations from event
        • Mostly positive, helping people get out of silos
        • Challenges: For VNF testing/plugfest: lab preparation, people on call (duty team), communication ahead of time  
        • Suggestions: Have an event-wide session for each project to share what they do; explicit joint sessions between projects; should TAC host discussions where there are observed overlaps/conflicts between projects (ex: OVP badging); TAC can help with collaboration by identifying overlap points between projects & encouraging collaboration
        • Action Item: leverage the TAC in setting the agenda of these cross-community events
      • Cross-Community (External) Collaboration
      • Leveraging CNTT momentum
        • How to better incorporate "institutionalize" CNTT into LFN while not slowing down its momentum?
    • Infrastructure workgroup participation discussion
      • Action Item:  All TAC members to review the members in Infrastructure working group to ensure proper participation.
  • Any Other Topics
  • Future topic
    • project review  


Topic 1

  • Comments

Topic 2

  • Comments

Action items

  • All TAC members to review the members in Infrastructure working group to ensure proper participation.
  • TAC should be involved in setting the program/agenda of the cross-community events