The TAC will elect from amongst the voting TAC members a vice-chairperson for a term of one year. The TAC shall hold elections to select a TAC Vice-Chair annually; there are no limits on the number of terms a TAC Vice-Chair may serve. 


The primary responsibility of the TAC Chair is to lead the TAC in fulfilling its responsibilities as outlined in section 7 of the LF Networking Fund Charter and to be responsible for:

  • Leading TAC meetings;
  • Representing the TAC and the technical community within and outside of LFN by:
    • Should the TAC chair be unable or unwilling to serve as the TAC representative to the Governing Board the vice-chair will serve as the TAC representative to the Governing Board
    • Serving as the TAC representative to the Governing Board
    • Participating in other communications as necessary within and outside LFN

These responsibilities may be delegated to another member of the technical community.

Election Mechanics

How to nominate yourself

The election process occurs in two phases; the Nomination phase, and the Election phase.

Self Nomination Phase

Individuals interested in running for this position must update this wiki page with their biography and statement of intent on why you would be a good person to hold this position.

The nomination phase begins  and will conclude on  17:00 PDT. A two calendar week from the time of the announcement. 

Election Phase

If there are multiple nominees: A Condorcet election will be initiated by the LF using the CIVS voting system.  All TSC members will receive an invitation to vote. In the case of multiple candidates the timing is as follows:

  • The election phase will begin on with the distribution of the CIVS poll via email
  • The election phase will end four (4) full business days later in the same time zone the poll was initiated from (typically PDT).

Information on Candidates

NameRanny Haiby

Company: Samsung

Short Biography:

Ranny Haiby is a director in Samsung Research America, leading the open source group. He leads a group of engineers who are actively participating in various open source communities . A key part of his role is providing leadership and guidance to many engineers across Samsung who are actively contributing to open source projects such as The Linux Foundation Networking and its sub-projects, CNCF, ROS, EFL and Tizen. Ranny is in charge of new collaboration opportunities in open source communities. His role involves identifying such opportunities as well as leading the execution of the collaboration. 

Prior to joining Samsung in early 2019, Ranny was a Principal System Architect in the Nokia CloudBand product group. he serves as a member of the Technical steering committee of the Linux Foundation ONAP project since 2017.

Ranny is dealing with transitioning network functions to the cloud and is constantly seeking creative ways to make this experience smoother. He has been involved in NFV for several years, leveraging his twenty year experience from previous roles in his carrier in various telecom equipment vendors and startup companies. Ranny is always striving to think out of the box in order to make the impossible happen.

Ranny holds a B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of technology.

Statement of Intent

Dear LFN Community,

I would like to nominate myself for the vice-chair role of the LFN TAC.

My dedication to the LFN needs no further proof other than the fact that even through a change of employers, I remained loyal to ONAP and the rest of the LFN. Since joining the TAC as a Samsung representative last year, I have worked diligently and persistently to create more collaborations and synergies between the LFN projects. That began with the creation of the Technical Advisory Office and later continued to leading the workgroup that created the first LFN TAC Whitepaper. Recently I have been a member of the organizing committee for the June 2020 LFN developer forum.

With over 25 years of overall experience in architecting software systems, out of which the recent years spent on open source networking, I will continue driving the LFN towards being the leading open source platform in our industry.

I plan to work with the TAC Chair and assist with the on-going duties of leading the Council. I will continue to lead initiatives that will drive for more collaboration within projects, that will be driven by real synergies. I believe the role of the TAC is not to be a tax on the LFN projects, but rather serve as the hub for knowledge sharing for the benefit of all projects.

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