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Agenda Materials


Key Update

 Preparations for the CNTT F2F in Antwerp are wrapping up – please ensure all presentation are posted into the agenda wiki.


Mark Cottrell, Rabi Abdel, Beth Cohen, Mark Shostak, A.S., Heather Kirksey, Karine Sevilla, Mike Bustamente, Pankaj Goyal, Vincent Danno, Bernard Tsai, Fu Qiao, Ian, Gardner, Joerg Aeken, Peter Woerndle, Toshi Wakayama

Meeting Minutes


  • All – Post presentation materials to the CNTT agenda wiki
  • Heather | Jim – Verify power to the seating areas for the CNTT F2F
  • Heather – Determine how CNTT F2F Workshop walk-ins will be handled
  • Beth – Setup Etherpad for CNTT F2F sessions
  • Mark – Replace OPNFV with TBD as RA owner in the updated Common NFVI Lifecycle diagram – a revised diagram will be distributed
  • Beth – Add FAQs on cascading effects of RM, RA, RI, & Validation & Verification



Agenda Bashing

  • No changes


  • Final press release from LFN | GSMA promoting Botrange will be released on Monday September 23.
  • LFN will be meeting with GSMA to discuss future marketing strategies

Technology Update

  • RM | RA progress nearing 100% - Botrange will be finalized and published on 9/20
  • First pull request from a vendor received on 9/18
  • CNTT Repository statistics reviewed – 189 unique visitors with over 9K views in the past two weeks!
  • Congratulations to Rabi, Chapter Leads, and all contributors on Botrange!!

RI & RC Updates

  • Milestone: OPNFV TSC approved the CNTT RI project proposal on 9/17
  • Chapter 8 – initial pass of test case reviews have been completed
  • Spirent identified test cases they can contribute to the existing test suite
  • Lab Requirements: Compute nodes were increased from 4 to 10 to accommodate VNF flavor requirements
  • Open Issue: Lab Requirements – will the labs be 1) dedicated CNTT labs, 2) Labs as a Service, or an OPNFV community lab
    • Recommendation is a community lab
    • Need to review and/or update Pharos Project requirements to support CNTT
    • Further discussions will occur in Antwerp with decisions


Antwerp Updates | Open Logistical Items

  • Un-conferences – Refer to highlighted areas on slides 10-12 in the attached material
  • CNTT F2F Attendance – Registrations will be accepted up to workshop start time, as capacity allows – REGISTER HERE
    • Count as of 9/16 was 52 – expected to grow
    • Walk-ins will be accepted, based on capacity – Heather will follow-up to determine how that will be handled
    • Registration vs. attendance results will be evaluated post-Antwerp to determine necessary change
  • 30 minutes remain open during the Day 2 session (12:30PM) – may be used as a buffer
  • Logistics
    • Note takers | mic runners – Presenters can ask for volunteers each session
    • Open Item: Power to the seating areas (Heather | Jim will follow-up)


  • FAQs will be posted to agenda wiki on 9/22
  • Beth will add FAQs RE: cascading effects of RM, RA, RI, Verification & Validation
  • Mark to modify FAQ:  Why do we need CNTT? A: Identify Defend Known Arguments to CNTT)?  ** Complete **
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