Common NFVI Telco Task Force (CNTT)



August 19, 2019


CNTT invites all community members to get on board. The time is now. Our message is simple: help us create a sustainable Common NFVI ecosystem.


Become a lead, co-lead, or contributor by clicking the contact and email list links below to sign-up and get engaged…


Requirements & Specifications: Gather and define requirements for the Reference Model, Reference Architecture, and Reference Implementation solutions to simplify development and delivery of VNFs onto a Common NFVI shared technology ecosystem.

Contact: Rabi Abdel, Walter Kozlowski

Signups for Mailing Lists: Reference Model, Reference Architecture

Testing:  Work within the Linux Foundation's OPNFV, CVC, and OVP ecosystems. Identify, leverage, and harmonize, open source projects, industry tests, and verification standards to accelerate NFVI verification.

Contact: Fu Qiao, Mike Fix, Kyle Greenwell 

Certification: Develop compliance requirements and certification standards for CNTT specifications.

Contact: Fu Qiao, Mike Fix, Kyle Greenwell

Adoption:  discover, design, and execute a plan that engages key decision makers and influencers for buy-in, clarifies the value-proposition, then envisions and communicates a path to adoption.

Contact: Beth Cohen, Rabi Abdel, Mark Cottrell

Signup for Mailing List: Governance

Recruiting: get the right people, right skills, and right places – this is about creating and maintaining a volunteer army.

Contact: Rabi Abdel

Signup for Mailing ListGovernance

Marketing: develop a blueprint and lead industry to development and adoption of Common NFVI Reference Model and Reference Architecture standards and get OPNFV certified.  

Contact: Heather Kirksey

Signup for Mailing List: Governance


Calendar & Contacts

Working Groups - all times UTC

Main Calendar: Standing Weekly Meetings (via Zoom online meetings)

Tues/12pm – CNTT RA Master Progress

Weds/11am – CNTT Technical Steering Meeting

Thurs/12pm – CNTT Governance

Thurs/1pm – CNTT RM Master Progress

Additional Working Groups – Please Contact Chapter Owners

Reference Model Chapter Development

o   Ongoing standard development on Reference Model

Reference Architecture Chapter Development

o   Ongoing development on Reference Architecture

Antwerp, 3rd Workshop, Sept. 26th and 27th

o   This working session will be a great opportunity join the discussion in a face to face setting. Working session objectives include:

§  Advance work on the Reference Model

§  Refine the Reference Architecture definitions

§  Address implementation considerations for OPNFV and the OPNFV Verification Program (OVP)

§  Continue efforts on Community Engagement, Adoption, Recruiting, and Marketing

This will be a hands-on meeting, so please come prepared to work, propose, and collaborate on solutions. Immediately follows ONS Europe.

o   Register here.


General Signups and Information:


Email Lists

Reference Model 

Reference Architecture



Antwerp, 3rd Workshop, Sept. 26th and 27th

Github Reference Document Repository 

Working Draft – Reference Model

Working Draft – Reference Architecture

CNTT Governance

CNTT Implementation

Paris, 2nd Workshop,  July 23 to 25th

Any additional questions regarding general communications, please contact Jim Baker, Jonathan Beltran, or Rick Tennant.

The Task Force is sponsored and supported by GSMA and The Linux Foundation.

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