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Agenda and Minutes

  • Agenda Bashing
  • Antitrust Policy:
  • RA-1 Core Status Report  Ian Gardner
    • Open Issues & Status
      • Issue#638: Deployment Topologies: Deep Dive in Prague
        • Ildiko: Edge working group for OSTK in the Edge: Deep Dive
      • Issue #685 Build Parameters: Kelvin, Mark and Nick
  • RA-1 Ops Status Report Karine Sevilla

    • Open Issues & Status
    • RA-1 Ch6: Content development – raise issue for specific section/subsection.
    • RA-1 Ch7: move to Backlog for post-Prague development
  • RA-1 Dev Status Report Sukhdev Kapur
    • Open Issues & Status
    • Please review and add  gaps, comments: for discussion in Deep dive
  •  Pre-Prague Preparation
    • Topics for Deep Dive Sessions – need suggestions
    • Evaluate APIs and verify that everything stated as mandatory is necessary
    • Identify features and API Microversions for exceptions
      • example OSTK-Pike consistent SR-IOV exception, nova Live-Migration exception; OSTK-Pike compliant Nova Microversions 2.42 and later exception
  • Meetings Schedule
    • No meeting on December 30, 2019 | Happy New Year
  • AOB

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