Agenda and Minutes

  • Agenda Bashing
  • Antitrust Policy:
  • RA-1 Core Status Report  Ian Gardner
    • Open Issues & Status
    • CH3 now populated and structured in line with how we believe this RA should work.  Comments welcome!
    • Action to ALL to review CH3 in Github (PR approval pending)
    • Action to ALL to accept issues and have them assigned if you can provide specific SUB-chapter content
    • Pankaj Goyal , Karine Sevilla , Samuel Hellec will be cleaning up CH4 in line with CH3
  • RA-1 Ops Status Report Karine Sevilla
    • Open Issues & Status
  • RA-1 Dev Status Report Sukhdev Kapur
    • Open Issues & Status
  • Shanghai OpenStack Summit Readout - Sukhdev Kapur
  •  AOB

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