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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Agenda Bashing
    • RA2 Scope Clarification:
      • Is the intent of RA2 to address containerised network functions only (i.e. Kubernetes orchestrating containers only)
      • Or to include CNFs that might contain VMs as well by Kubernetes orchestrating VMs?
      • Decision is to have RA2 address CNFs that might contain both. 
    • Slack vs IRC
      • slack to become the default(
      • IRC to be used only when needed (e.g.: #opnfv-functest).
  • Upcoming Events.
  • Meeting Times and suggestions.
    • Current Weekly Time with USA-EU
    • Additional meeting to be established to align with Asia (poll to be sent).
  • Project Management Aspects.
  • Concerns, GAPS.
    • Will CNTT cover Hardware profiling or not.
      • Where this should be reflected.
      • Proposal to address next Technical Steering meeting.
  • AOB
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