LF Staff: Casey Cain Trevor Bramwell @Steve Ira Andrew Grimberg Trishan de Lanerolle Jessica Wagantall Daniel Pono Takamori
Community Members: Olaf Renner Alexis de Talhouët Brian Freeman Christophe Closset Jack Morgan Abhijit Kumbhare Jason Hunt




  • Casey Cain stated that he thought that the best way to start would be to have a discussion about the current state of SaaS CI/CD and feature comparison.
  • Trevor Bramwell presented a deck that he prepared that highlights a number of features and their per-platform comparison. 
  • Casey Cain noted that there is a minimal cost differential.  In some cases it's negligible.  ONAP would likely see the most benefit from a cost comparison.  OpenDaylight would likely see the most benefit from a technical comparison.
  • Brian Freeman suggested that the communities develop an action plan for what it would take to migrate to a new platform and its impact on the community.
    • It may take some trial and error to build out this data.
    • Suggestions were made to find a way to implement an incremental migration plan if possible
    • Projects should identify stakeholders and build expertise and prototyping.  e.g. In ONAP, what happens with Gerrit or JJB if we move to Gitlab.

Other Considerations Discussed

  • There is the consideration of younger developers' preference for engaging in projects using newer tooling like Gitlab-CI
  • Steve Ira noted that if all projects agreed to migrate to a single pipeline that the LF would have additional leverage for negotiating contracts and costs. Particularly with Microsoft services.
    • Decisions should still be based on criteria like features and effort,
    • LF will need to build out support for the toolchain which they are currently developing.
    • Could simplify support and services which could improve community collaboration.
  • Brian Freeman noted that there also build requirements for multi-CPU environments.
  • Brian Freeman also wanted to know how SSO would work and if we could be able to integrate LF-Identity logins.
    • Trevor Bramwell explained that Gitlab-CI can use Github logins, but most SaaS CI/CD services don't support Enterprise logins.  They require that you host the service yourself.  We would likely need to have a separate login for SaaS.
  • Steve suggested that OPNFV is probably the best project for early adoption despite the effort. 

Next Steps

  • Start a doodle poll for kicking off the next meeting which should take place in the first week of December.
  • The PM and Community Representatives to review the features and start building out a list of requirements, features and community considerations.

Action items

  • Casey Cainto create a new Doole poll for the next meeting which will take place in the first week of December.